Risk of earthquake?… Casa Stega is certainly one of the safest places in town with regard to the earthquake risk in Romania.
The structural design is based on resistance according to the Richter Scala grade 8. The work of one of the most experienced structural engineers of Romania, namely Badea Dragos, was reviewed and approved by top classified structural earthquake experts from California.
It consists of a central core of reinforced concrete, 32 cm thick concrete slabs, concrete columns of 60 cm in diameter and steel columns of 130 cm.

Burglary Security?… Casa Stega has been provided with special high grade anti burglary glassing at ground floor level. It meets the requirements of Western banks building standards.
Also, the building is equipped with multiple electronic security systems such as an access card system, a general surveillance system, a video network and a fire alarm system.

Power Security?… For power security reasons, Casa Stega has been provided with an uninterrupted power supply equipment (UPS) from Siemens for all electronic data systems as well as with a separate emergency power generator for critical users in case of external grid failure