Casa Stega goes beyond all standard quality levels of old and new office buildings in Romania, to date. Such high standards can be found in selected major cities of the world, only.

Meet for instance the “Napoleon Red” façade granites which you may have seen (or not) on the tallest trade fair tower in Frankfurt, Germany, matched by beautiful petrol blue window framing and punctuated by large granite spheres and enjoy the message of class!

With interior and exterior finishing components as well as with all the auxiliary technical systems, including even the entire courtyard, Casa Stega conveys a sense of opulence, which without any doubt cannot be easily found elsewhere in town.

Below find some of the main highlights of luxury and quality listed:
_ Exclusive and eye catching massive “Napoleon Red Lucidato” granites on all sides of the building and even on the entire courtyard, supplied by Campolonghi of Italy (the same supplier of the Frankfurt Trade Fair Tower), standing in sharp contrast to the conventional glass facades of most of the new constructions in town
_ Decorative glass and steel curtain windows on the front façade from Hunold, Germany
_ Campolonghi granite spheres at the entrance and on the balcony of the penthouse
_ Granite entrance stairs electrically heated in winter time
_ Very expensive granites from Campolonghi on walls and floors in the main lobby, Brasilian
“Azul Bahia” and “Samba White”, with massive steel and glass sliding doors, supplied by “Hunold”and “Dorma” of Germany
_ Staircase to the upper floors, clad as in the lobby, and rail guards in Inox steel, supplied by “Mussig”, Germany
_ Massive access doors to the office areas in steel and glass, supplied by Hunold, interior wooden doors, supplied by Intertrading
_ Otis - 13 people carrying - elevator with granite floor as in the lobby and with mirrored and inox steel walls and decorative ceiling - a breath taking interior design
_ Petrol blue aluminium thermo insulated window frames on all building facades from Knipping, Germany, with its colour contrast, matching beautifully the red granites
_ High performance “Flachglass” window glass from Pilkington, Germany, considered simply the best in town (“infrastop silver 50/30 jointly with phonostop 28/40 with a thickness of 14-10-4 mm, providing an acoustical and thermal insulation of RW 40 dB respectively k=1,3 W/sqm)
_ Steel, glass and warm wood partitions in the office spaces, supplied by “Bene”, Austria
_ Interior finishing with acoustical ceiling tiles and frames, “Laguna” and “Schons”, in all open office spaces, walls with fibre glass
_ Exceptional strong overall floating floors, clad with textile on upper floors or granites on ground floor level, supplied and installed by “Mero”, Germany, for flexible underground cabling, power, communication and data transmission networks
_ At all levels, male and female toilets with imported high class tiling and sanitary installations and modern German kitchens
_ On the fourth floor (for the executive board): special design with special wood panelling and furnishing in all rooms, all supplied by Bene, Austria
_ Penthouse on fifth floor offers residential option. It is equipped with a German modern kitchen, a fire place in the living area, elegant wooden floors and a beautiful panoramic peripheral terrace; this floor can also be used as case may be for office purpose
_ An integrated central air conditioned system at all floor levels, using aggregates, installed in the double ceiling and operated by room thermostats, supplied by “Comfort Clima” of Germany (system is extended with a fresh air input and respective used air exit)
_ Installed boiler in the basement with dual fuel burners, which provides for a 300 kW capacity to supply the same air aggregates in winter on all floors, supplied by “Dietrich”
_ Central refrigerator for ac in the basement with a capacity of 260 kW, fully automated
_ The entire building is equipped with an automation system to regulate temperature, pressure, output and individual protection of all equipment
_ High quality of drinking water is provided to correspond to DIN 1786 norms, ensuring a high quality of purity of 30-50 microns by using self cleaning filters and acoustically insulated copper piping systems (25 dB), also for the rain drain piping
_ Security inox water tank for fire extinction and drinking in emergency cases, water softening, water separator for dirty water occurring in the parking area and water pumping for underground water when exceeding preset levels
_ All electrical power, lighting and communication systems are mainly provided by Siemens or equivalent producers on all floors; covering exterior and interior lighting, power supply to all main equipments, lightning, emergency generator, unfreezing of entrance stairs, data-voice network class 5, telephone switchboard, UPS, fire alarm, access card system, video supervision network, TV cabling, etc.
_ The basement parking levels are equipped with smoke detection and smoke evacuation in case of fire