Due to the reasonable size of the building (roughly 2813 sqm usable space including 18 parking spaces), Casa Stega is most suitable for high class single tenants such as embassies, consulates, foreign institutions (including banks), company headquarters, consultant or law offices and others.

Single tenancy is certainly one of the main assets of Casa Stega. It targets very demanding tenants, who care much about themselves and their guests and who do not want to be disturbed by other tenants. Safeguarding security and privacy is one of Casa Stega’s main qualities!

This is also why the first Casa Stega tenant, HVB, former Bank Austria Creditanstalt, selected Casa Stega at the end of construction, in August 1998.

A model of floor use is shown on adjacent floor plans with corresponding multiple fotos. Variations of floor use are easily obtainable.