Casa Stega is an exceptional result of skilled US, French and Romanian general architecture, built on 660 sqm of land, only, plus 303 sqm for courtyard, plus 88 sqm for terraces; the main and auxiliary usable space equals 2813 sqm including 18 parking spaces. (see floor tables and schedules)!

The Top Design also allows a high degree of comfort. This is easily noticed when walking through the two basement levels and when crossing, the parking area, the courtyard, terraces and all auxiliary tenant usable space, such as archives, locker rooms, sanitary rooms, plus the pure technical areas, which are part of the entire design.

In the area of new medium size office buildings, Casa Stega is unique in Romania and Eastern Europe, bearing in mind, that not size but actual features in design, structure, overall finishing, comfort and maintenance convey the ultimate level of quality.

In essence Casa Stega targets more than an optimal location. It offers a reasonable size for privacy and luxury in a context of architectural and technical quality.