“I am not as rich as to buy me a cheap suit!” This old Romanian saying reflects my approach as builder / operator of Casa Stega.

Thus, with Casa Stega I endeavoured to achieve excellency by all means in a new opportunity revealed by a country in transition, such as Romania.

Since the Romanian real estate market has created a new opportunity, it was only a matter of project selection to build Casa Stega for the “connoisseurs”.

Come to the world of Casa Stega, an oasis of luxury and privacy, to discover excellency starting from the basement up to the penthouse level.

Take your time not only to read what follows, but to “touch” and to see for yourself what you may have seen in selected cities of the world, but certainly not yet in Bucharest.

A sight rich in architectural beauty and sobriety and technical surprises at every corner, for both, tenants and professionals.

It has to be mentioned, that Casa Stega was mainly built with imported goods from Germany, France and Italy. Also the fine tuned works were supervised by German and Italian experts. And in fact, I mandated the main designers of Casa Stega from both California and the Cote d’Azur, assisted by highly reputable Romanian architects and engineers.

In addition, you will discover an unusual great “cache” of savings due to present tenant’s improvements, rendering a relevant and unexpected free added value to any new tenant.

Casa Stega strikes the viewer at day and night…

Others have also shown their appreciation ot Casa Stega: Read the letter of appreciation of ARACO and of the first tenant, Bank Austria Creditanstalt.

In summary: Casa Stega – “The Jewel of the Town!“

Teodor Garabet